Health Information Management

Hospital Medical Records 308-235-1968

All patients' hospital medical records are securely housed in this department. Our HIM team focuses on collection, integration, and analysis of healthcare data in an effort to ensure the availability of quality, complete, timely and accurate information to healthcare providers, patients and other users of healthcare data.

The HIM staff interprets diagnoses and procedures into codes for payment to healthcare providers and third party payers. Healthcare providers dictated reports for the hospital are handled here.

Confidentiality and security of data as well as legality of data and the release of patient information is handled through this department. This team has diligent, detailed, and hard working people here to keep information confidential and accurate.

Records Requests

Copies of records shall be furnished within 30 days of receipt of a properly executed request/authorization. Staff makes a strong effort to fill all requests as soon as reasonably possible. There may be a charge assessed with this, please contact the HIS staff to confirm any charges.

Contact any member of our HIM staff directly at 308-235-1968, or our director, Nancy Prunty at 235-1952 ext. 162.

A list of online and downloadable patient forms is available here.