Mission Statement

Quality Healthcare

Kimball Health Services' mission is to....

Provide quality health care, which recognizes the inherent human worth and dignity of all persons and make our programs and services available to all without restriction

Create a healing environment where physicians, allied health professionals and staff work together to provide personalized care

Provide programs and activities designed to promote and enhance the general health and economics of the community

Conduct hospital business in an ethically and fiscally responsible manner using sound management principles.

Our Vision....

Kimball Health Services will be the facility of choice for patients requiring the services offered at the facility and for employees and health care providers that provide the services.

Patients will seek wellness services, health education services, preventive, diagnostic and primary care treatment services from Kimball Health Services. All services will be state-of-the-art and will utilize the latest medical technology and diagnostic tools commensurate with quality and volume constraints. Wellness and health education
services will be proactive and will be provided both on and off the main campus. In addition, Kimball Health Services will support and coordinate with alternative health providers in the community in order to enhance the well being of its patients.

Kimball Health Services will be the employer of choice in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Kimball Health Services will be instrumental in the development of a regional professional pool that will support the facilities in the Panhandle.

Employees' satisfaction with Kimball Health Services will be reflected in high retention rates.

There will be an adequate number of primary care providers to meet the needs of the community and the providers will demonstrate increased longevity at Kimball Health Services. Individual providers will assume responsibility for treating particular chronic diseases that are prevalent in the community and develop expertise in managing the disease. Needed specialty services will be offered by visiting specialty physicians that visit on a routine basis.

The vision will culminate in a health care system that exceeds the expectations of Kimball Health Services' patients, health care providers and employees.

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