Surgery at KHS

The primary goal of our surgical department is to reduce the need for area residents to go out of town for surgical services which can be performed appropriately at our facility. Judy Heilbrun, RN is the OR director. We have four CRNA's (certified registered nurse anesthetists) are credentialed at KHS to provide anesthesia for all anesthesia needs.


Dr. James Broomfield and Dr. Jeff Holloway are currently doing scopes for our patients. We now have our nurse anesthetists not only providing anesthesia for our surgical patients, but also monitored anesthesia care during colonoscopy and EGD procedures. This provides comfort and safety for our patients. Dr. Broomfield also does minor procedures such as skin lesion removals, Synvisc knee injections, vasectomies, and newborn circumcision.


Currently we have two general surgeons, an ophthalmologist (cataract surgeries), and a urologist with surgical privileges at KHS. Dr. Mathew Jansen from Sidney Regional Medical Center and Dr. James Holloway from Regional West Surgery are currently covering surgical needs at KHS, Dr. Collier does cataract surgery here when she is available, and Dr. Graves covers urological needs with cystoscopy.


Our Prep & Hold room, which was added to our facility in 2001-2002 for surgery and scope patients, allows all pre and post- surgical care to be done in the same room. This area works very well also for monitoring patients receiving outpatient services.