Plastic Surgeon joins the KHS medical staff

Dr. William Wyatt, a highly skilled and very respected head-to-foot plastic reconstructive and hand surgeon, is seeing patients at Kimball Health Services and the Pine Bluffs Health Clinic.
Dr. Wyatt was featured in a recent story in the Western Nebraska Observer

Call (308) 235-1953 for an appointment with Dr. Wyatt.

Kimball Health Services is growing and looking for additional nursing staff.

Dr. James Broomfield and others in the KHS Nursing Department talk about why nursing candidates should check into this new opportunity on several new television ads airing on Spectrum Reach (formerly Charter Media)...

For more information, call Cheryl Delaplane, director of nursing, at (308) 235-1952, Ext. 264.

Kimball Health Services announces the new Kimball Health Pain Clinic

At the Kimball Health Pain Clinic, Dr. Timo Quickert and his staff offer minimally invasive, targeted treatments for back, neck, muscle and joint pain. His treatments are designed to fix pain at its source. On your initial visit to the Kimball Health Pain Clinic, we'll do a thorough evaluation to find the cause of your pain and design a treatment plan to fix it, not just mask it with painkillers.

Learn more from Dr. Quickert and Dr. James Broomfield.

For an appointment at the Kimball Health Pain Clinic, call us at (308) 235-1951.

Kimball Health Services launches new battle against skin cancer.

In response to requests by his patients, Dr. James Broomfield is providing a monthly dermatology clinic to help patients identify the early signs of skin cancer.

"If we can address those precancerous lesions before they become cancer," Dr. Broomfield said, "we'll save the person a lot of out-of-pocket expense, a lot of time off work (and) a lot of pain and suffering later on."

To set up a dermatology appointment with Dr. Broomfield, call (308) 235-1953.

See more in Dr. Broomfield's new Spectrum Reach TV ad below...

Dr. Broomfield shares his passion for helping people avoid colon cancer with early screenings. About one in 20 people are affected by colon cancer in the U.S., but it's believed that as many as 60 percent of colon cancer deaths can be alleviated by getting early screening.

See more in Dr. Broomfield's new Spectrum Reach TV ad below...

Meet Dr. James Broomfield

Kimball Health Services has a full lineup of talented health care providers. See our TV ads on Spectrum Reach featuring our medical director, Dr. James Broomfield:

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Walkins Welcome

Stop Breast Cancer

Barbara S. Testimonial

Kimball and Cheyenne hospitals working together to save more heart attack patients

Kimball Health Services is working closely with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on a new program to provide heart attack patients with timely care in order to save more lives and improve survivors' outcomes.

The program, called "Air STEMI," is a collaborative effort involving Cheyenne Regional and its air ambulance service, emergency medical services providers and first responders in southern Wyoming and western Nebraska. To support the new program, Cheyenne Regional has provided specialized training to medical professionals at Cheyenne Regional and Kimball Health Services and to first responders in Cheyenne and Kimball. The program plans to expand to other communities in the region over the next few months.

During a STEMI, (ST-elevation myocardial infarction), blood flow is completely blocked to one of three coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. Unless the blockage is removed quickly, the patient's health and life are at serious risk.

Nationwide, about two-thirds of STEMI patients fail to receive the best available treatments to restore blood flow. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Wyoming has one of the highest STEMI death rates in the nation.

"Timely care is critical," said Dr. Muhammad Khan, an interventional cardiologist at Cheyenne Regional who helped develop the Air STEMI protocol at Cheyenne Regional. "Unless a blockage in the artery is eliminated quickly to restore blood flow, the patient is at great risk of death or debilitation."

Nationwide about one-third of STEMI patients do not receive any form of treatment to restore blood flow, according to the American Heart Association.

Having a specific protocol in place ensures that every time a STEMI code is called, the medical professionals responding know what to expect. The protocol covers every step along the way, allowing the hospital to react faster prepare for the patient's arrival and reduce the time from the initial 9-1-1 call to the patient entering the catheterization lab.

"(STEMI) is a very seamless process and a great tool for our health providers," said Richard Harriger, ER director and trauma coordinator at Kimball Health Services. "It gives our providers insight into what the cardiologist needs to know before they receive the patient."

"It's better for the patient," Harriger added. "The sooner you get the patient turned around, the better the outcome."

"In treating a heart attack, time is muscle," Dr. Khan said. "With a program like this, you can save muscle and improve the overall outcomes for heart attack patients in our community and region."

"Removing the variables removes wasted minutes-and gets your loved ones the care they need as quickly as possible," Dr. Khan said.

New Security Measures In Place At Kimball Hospital

Improving patient and staff safety is the goal behind new security measures being taken at Kimball Health Services.

The hospital's emergency room doors are now locked after 6 p.m. The doors are constantly monitored by security cameras visible to hospital staff on duty at the nurses' station, who can easily activate the doors in the event of a medical crisis.

"There's a new intercom unit by the ER doors that a person can use to talk to the nurses' station if necessary," said Richard Harriger, ER director and trauma coordinator. "If someone has an emergency and needs to enter and the doors are locked, they should push the intercom button."

In addition, the hospital has recently added more security lighting near the emergency room entrance near the northeast corner of the building. New signs to inform visitors of the change will be posted soon.

"The combination of locked doors and additional surveillance will give hospital staff more tools to keep out anyone who might endanger public safety," Harriger said.

Harriger wants to remind people that the ER doors are for emergencies only, and not for routine foot traffic. Public entry hours for other hospital entrances are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Well child visits available at Kimball Health Services

Family health providers at Kimball Health Services are working hard to maintain the overall health of children in the community.

Well child visits with physicians at the Kimball Health Services Clinic include not only any needed vaccinations, but an age-appropriate evaluation of a child's general health, growth and development.

Adoption of the new program represents a departure from the child immunization clinics previously offered at the hospital once or twice a month through Panhandle Community Services. By contrast, well child visits can be scheduled with the family's personal health provider any time the clinic is open, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Well child visits will make scheduling more convenient for children and their families. Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change, which is why each well child visit will include a complete physical examination. Preventative care is a very important part of keeping children healthy.

It's important to note that children who qualify will continue to receive free vaccines provided by the state, just as they did at monthly immunization clinics formerly offered at KHS. Those who qualify include those whose families are uninsured, underinsured (including limited insurance coverage), and Medicaid patients.

A child's parent or guardian is responsible for maintaining knowledge of health benefits. Those with questions about whether or not their insurance covers immunizations should contact their insurance company and clarify with a representative prior to the well child visit.

Sometimes even after calling an insurance company, it is difficult to determine benefits. In these instances, KHS staff will be happy to assist you if you provide us with your insurance information prior to your appointment.

Well child visits with any of the clinic's health providers can be scheduled by calling (308) 235-1966.

Kimball hospital benefits from UP grant

Patients at Kimball Health Services are benefitting directly from the generosity of Union Pacific Railroad.

Brenda Mainwaring, director of public affairs/corporate relations in Iowa and Nebraska for Union Pacific Railroad, presented a $10,000 check to the Kimball Hospital Foundation. The grant from the railroad's "Principal's Partnership" will help cover the cost of a new computerized radiography (CR) reader being installed this week in the hospital's Radiology Department. Fundraising efforts by the Foundation will help cover the remaining $20,000 cost.

Computed radiography (CR) is a well-established process for capturing digital radiographic images. It replaces film and film processing, produces high-quality digital images, and allows our Radiology Department to easily store images or transfer them electronically to be read at another facility if necessary.

The new CR reader replaces a unit in place since 2004 that was becoming outdated.

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