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Thank you for reading more about employment opportunities at Kimball Health Services. We want all our staff to feel that their association with Kimball Health Services will be a mutually beneficial and pleasant one. You are considering an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for quality health care. Credit for this goes to every one of our employees. We hope that if you decide to join us, you, too, will find satisfaction and take pride in your work here.

Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are only some of the reasons most people work. Most likely, many other factors count among your reasons for working -- pleasant relationships and working conditions, career development and promotion opportunities, and health benefits are just a few. Kimball Health Services is committed to doing its part to assure you of a satisfying work experience.

A professional and support staff of over 100 employees helps Kimball Health Services in serving approximately 6,000 area residents. We are very proud of the dedicated employees who work at our facility. We have special employees, past and present, who have received the Nebraska Hospital Association's "Caring Kind Award" given for excellence in patient care, and the "Nurse of the Year Award" from the Emergency Medical Technicians Association.

Part of the Team

As a member of Kimball Health Services' team, you will be expected to contribute your talents and energies to improve the environment and quality of the hospital, as well as the hospital's services. In return, you will be given opportunities to grow and advance in your career.

Kimball Health Services is dedicated to two standards:

To provide our patients with the best quality health care at the best prices with the best service.

To provide you with wages and benefits comparable to others doing similar work within the health care industry and within our geographic region.

Kimball Health Services is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Opportunity Information Packets

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View our Physician Opportunity Packet.

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