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Our Leadership Team

Cassie Gasseling

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
(308) 235-1952, Ext. 120

Jess Webb, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
Chief Operations Officer
(308) 235-1952, Ext. 264

Stephanie Pedersen

Director of Human Resources
(308) 235-1952, Ext. 160

Kimball Health Services Board of Trustees

Our facility is governed by a dedicated five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Kimball County Commissioners. Each trustee serves a commendable 6-year term, contributing their expertise and commitment to the continued success of Kimball Health Services.

Meet our Board Members:

Appointment: 2010
Current Term Ends: January 2025

Appointment: 2010
Current Term Ends: January 2028

Appointment: 2012
Current Term Ends: January 2025

Appointment: 2022
Current Term Ends: January 2030

Appointment: 2014
Current Term Ends: January 2026

Our Board of Trustees has diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to community health. They play a vital role in shaping the strategic direction of Kimball Health Services. Their leadership ensures that the hospital continues to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our community.

County Commissioner Oversight

As a county-owned healthcare facility, Kimball Health Services operates under the jurisdiction of the Kimball County Commissioners. Each year, a commissioner is appointed to act as a liaison for the hospital. 

The members of the Kimball Health Services Hospital Board of Trustees are appointed by the Commissioners.

For more information about Kimball County, please visit Kimball County's official website.

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