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Visitor Information

At Kimball Health Services, we understand how important it is to be supported by your friends and family members when you are undergoing medical treatment. That is why we do not have specific designated visiting hours. 

If you are visiting a patient, you must sign in and receive a visitor pass that is to be worn at all times. You can pick up a visitor’s pass at the hospital's main desk. 

Calling Patients

Family members and friends can directly call patients’ rooms by dialing (308) 234-1952 and then your bed’s extension number. 

Don’t know your bed’s extension number? Ask the admission desk or nurse’s station for the number.

Visitor Meals

If you are visiting during meal hours, we offer visitor meals at a minimal cost in order to make it easier for friends and family members to join patients for a meal.

If you want a visitor’s meal, stop by the hospital nurses’ station and order it before mealtime. 

Mail Delivery

We will deliver mail to your room when you are staying with us as a patient. If someone wants to send you something via mail, please have them address it as follows:

ATTN: (Your Name)
Kimball Health Services
255 W 4th Street
Kimball, NE 69145

Flower Delivery

If a friend or family member wants to send you flowers, let them know your room number. All deliveries for plants and flowers should stop at the nurse’s station to ensure the patient can accept visitors at that time.

If the patient cannot be visited at that time, our staff will deliver the plants or flowers to the patient’s room for you.  

Smoke-Free Facility

Please keep in mind during your visit that Kimball Health Services is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside or outside our facilities. We thank you for respecting this. 

Keeping our facility smoke-free helps provide a safe and healthy workplace that promotes our patients' and employees' health and well-being. 

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